From: Lorenzo Tartamella

Dear Internet Marketer,

I remember being so frustrated at trying to drive targeted traffic to my sites, that I often felt like tossing my computer out the window - keyboard, monitor, mouse and all!

If you're anything like I used to be, you are probably pulling your hair out... grinding your teeth... and wiping the sweat from your brow trying to figure out exactly how to drive tons of targeted traffic...

But now, you've heard... or realize... that Article Marketing is quite dynamic for doing just that!

Keep in mind, Article Marketing DOES work, and I am living Proof of it!  However, I need you to understand and listen up... because you need to realize that most of the stuff out there on Article Marketing is... wrong, wrong, wrong!

Because you see, what happens is, marketers buy e-books that are all wrong, and then they regurgitate the same information all over the net -- showing everyone the same wrong information.

For me, I went and studied the best... the ones who were proven... the Article Marketers who were ranking high, dominating niches, driving tons of traffic, and making serious...

or even ridiculous... Incomes!

I went to the source and I watched them like a hawk.  I studied their every move.  I made absolute sure that I had in my arsenal all the tricks, all the methods, all the insights and all the necessary knowledge to win this game!

For you, this is an absolute MUST HAVE!  Article Marketing provides you with the Enormous Potential to change your life... easily!

You see, all you need is the right information, methods and strategies.  It is there for the taking, and I am about to show you Exactly how to do it!


"Hey Josh,

I am really pleased with Article marketing Domination. I purchased it about a month ago now and started writing golf articles to try and attract people to subscribe to my golf newsletter. I  followed your instructions and used the keyword tool to pick the best terms for article title etc and I am pleased to say that I am now on the first page of Google for the term Golf Backspin, my article is called "Golf Backspin- tips- How to Properly Apply it". Ezinearticles.

I was at the bottom of the first page a couple of weeks ago and now I am at the fifth position from the top.

I've now created a  Blog on my domain using instruction from your other book, The Ultimate Blogging Blueprint, still a bit of work to do there yet but I will get there.

Thanks again for your great e-book, I am chuffed to bits with my results and all I had to do was follow your instructions."

-- Alistair Thomson

Look, in the beginning, I studied article marketing Geniuses like Tim Gorman and top publishers of major Article Sites.

I watched them like a hawk and attempted to replicate their systems of traffic generation through articles.

Keep in mind though, I wasn't just watching their every move, I was putting the methods I learned from them to work ...I was taking action as well ...I just wasn't getting it!

Just like you may have, I had LOADS of questions ...

Won't there be a Duplicate Content penalty?
Will my articles ALWAYS drive traffic, or do I have to constantly pump them out?
Can I use the same articles I submit to article directories on my site as well?
How can I actually leverage the power of article marketing into a full-time income?

I had these questions and many, many more.

I was convinced that article marketing was the best, free way to drive targeted traffic to my Websites, but I just didn't know WHY, to be honest with you!

That's when I got Serious!

I started writing and submitting articles like it was going out of style. I tested and tracked my submissions and I tweaked my technique accordingly.

If one thing didn't work I tried something else. If that didn't work I tried something else.

I took all of my questions and I TESTED them myself!

After nearly a year of trial and error, I finally figured it out!

Before, I was:

Targeting the wrong keywords
Writing the wrong kind of articles
Submitting to the WRONG sites
Worrying about the WRONG things!

I FINALLY Figured it out and it didn't take long for my income to directly reflect it!

I started seeing monthly Adsense checks like this:

I used my newly acquired article marketing knowledge to obtain hundreds of top-10 rankings ... I started pumping out highly-profitable niche-sites left and right!

That's when I decided to write an ebook, explaining my exact, Effective article marketing technique.

I wrote the ebook and titled it "Article Marketing Domination."

That ebook was so effective and so popular that Internet Marketing Guru's like Tim Gorman, Jonathan Leger, Dr. Ralph Wilson and many more promoted it.

It brought in more than $35,000.00 in sales because it was simply WORKS!

Claim Your Copy Now for only $27!

What People are Saying
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"Thorough and Effective Article Marketing Ebook"

"Josh has written a thorough and effective article marketing Ebook. His tactics will help you get your name out there and be recognized as an expert in your niche. The article promotion techniques will keep your articles ranking well in the search engines long after your competition has disappeared."

-- Ross Goldberg

"Extremely Effective!"

"O. K. Josh I just read Article Marketing Domination. Nice going. Very well done. Easy to read. Explains everything about article marketing start to finish. What you are doing is what I do and it is extremely effective. Anyone who wants to learn how to market their business with articles should read this book!"

-- Jeff Schuman
JV With Jeff

"Article Marketing the RIGHT Way"

"Wow, Josh, I'm very impressed! To be honest, I have not done much article marketing.... for a good reason - it had not worked very well for me. Reading your Ebook, I found out that I was doing it WRONG all along. Your book dispense all the myths of article marketing, shows you what it is and is not. It even takes a detailed step by step approach to show you how to do article marketing the RIGHT way! I'll do a lot more article marketing from now on! Thanks to you Josh."

-- Dominic Lee

"You have given away the Secrets"

"I have read the book and have to say well done Josh.

As someone who writes articles, I know that those which are using Josh's system perform far better. I have been doing that for 2 years, and told I was doing it wrong. Now you have given away the secrets!

If you want to know what it is you are doing wrong, then get the book and read it. But more importantly, put it into practice.

-- Bev Clement

"It Just Can't Get Any Better Than This!"

"I have to admit, I'm impressed Josh! This powerful information will boost all my niche site's traffic and cut down my advertising budget to almost 100%. Looking at it the way YOU see it while you lay it all out in a language that anyone can understand gave me a clear insight of what really works and what I'm wasting my time on. It just can't get any better than this."

-- Marsh Uele

"I Have No Doubt How I Need to Proceed"

"Joshua, I just finished reading AMD. It was everything I had hoped it would
be. I'm especially keen on how you organized the information and made it an
easy read. You keep it real and make so much sense. I have no doubt about
how I need to proceed."

-- Peggy Duncan

"Should be Required Reading"

"Hello Josh,

I can say that your book is so filled with the down-and-dirty nitty-gritty that it should be required reading not only for article writers, but for ANYONE who wants to maximize their online profits. Honestly, I wasn't expecting much when I saw your book was only 26 pages. Wow! I was wrong. I'd rather get 26 pages of information as solid as yours than sift through 260 pages only to find a few nuggets - heck, you've got the whole mine here . Thanks a million"

-- Michael Oksa

P.S. I'm guessing you get reviews like this all the time, but I still felt like I had to personally thank you, and let you know what I thought.

"This Ebook is a Steal"

"Josh, this is an extremely informative and well put together ebook on Article Marketing! I have been using article marketing as one of my strategies for years and you have even shown me a couple things I didn't know. For $29.00 (now $39) this ebook is a steal and that's even before you factor in the great bonuses! Great work Josh keep it up!"

-- Joe Russell

"One of the Best Investments I've Ever Made "

"I've read countless ebooks on traffic generation and perhaps even touching on the topic of article marketing. Your ebook is perhaps one of the most detailed and honest *insider* information on how to really explode anyone's article marketing strategies. It was really one of the best investments I've ever made in my article marketing journey. Plus, most ebooks actually have loads of affiliate links. Yours was really content to the core! Two thumbs up for your AMD report."

-- Vern How Chan

And now it's even better! The first 7 versions of "AMD" were incredibly popular, but soon became out-dated with the ongoing improvements in Search algorithms.

I've now done a big update, updating the book for 2011 and you can now download your own copy and start dominating your niche today!

Inside "AMD" you'll find:

The Truth about "Duplicate Content" and Article Marketing!
The MISUNDERSTOOD Purpose of Article Marketing!
The Two Forms of Article Marketing!
How to PROPERLY write an Article!
How to Effectively Research your Keywords!
How to Effectively Submit your Articles!

And much, much more!

Plus, Order Now and You'll Also Receive...

Write Like a Maniac

Write Like A Maniac!
Value $29.00

This is one of the best article writing products I've EVER discovered. Learn how you can kick out articles like it was going out of style.

Article is easy for some and difficult for others. There is one thing that is normally the same for everyone and that is writing articles FAST!

This report will help you get your writing juices flowing and kicking out article after article!

The Ultimate Blogging Bluepring

The Ultimate Blogging Blueprint !
Value $37.00

I started a blog only a few months ago and I now have over 1000 daily RSS subscribers and I make money off of everything I promote!

In this guide I show you exactly what I did so you can literally copy my personal, effective BluePrint!

From setting up your first blog, to promoting it and getting regular readers, I tell all in this through blogging guide!

100% Iron-Clad, No Questions Asked,
Money-Back Guarantee!

If you aren't 100% satisfied with this Industry-Leading Article Marketing Product, just forward your receipt to 123 [at] 123 dot ca and I'll refund every penny, Guaranteed!

100% Iron Clad Money-Back GUARANTEE

I have no interest at all in selling anyone a product which they do not learn from. I understand that not all products are for everyone and I hold no grudges at all!

I truly believe that you will be among the hundreds of others who have thoroughly enjoyed and ultimately profited from this product, but if you are not, no problem!

There is absolutely no risk involved, what so ever! Buy it, read it, and if you don't like it, I'll refund it. It really is THAT simple!

Are You Going to Continue to Settle For Mediocre
Results or are You Going to Take Action and

STEAL that Top-10 Ranking

Get it now for only $27!

ONE-TIME, Secure Payment!

To Your Article Marketing Success,

Lorenzo Tartamella

P.S. Remember, 99% of the other article marketing "advice" out there is Garbage! You don't have to listen to it any longer!

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