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X-Men Noir
Pages: 120
ISBN: 0785131833
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This is undoubtedly noir. Dirty docklands, washed up bodies, smokey bars and dingey nightclubs. The text, the plot and the art really do fulfil the requirements of noir completely.

Now I thought I was getting the knack for reading these comics - especially the digital format I'd downloaded through comixology app - but for some reason these 4 issues frequently lost me. Was it too clever for me? Was the art not sufficient to portray and define each character sufficiently? Or was it the writing moving too fast to fit all those ideas into 4 slender books?

I think it's a combination of all the above. This noir edition should be applauded for diving head first into the genre, for going down the "kick-ass" route of comic hero and stripping all powers and giving a truly unique iteration of X-Men (something Daredevil Noir wasn't brave enough to do) however, clearer definition of each character and less convoluted characters could have benefitted the plotting and the twists.

Worth a look, just wish it could get 2.5 stars as 3 is too much, 2 feels too critical.

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